T13X Smart Grid Panel

Smart Load Controller and Power Analyzer

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The T13X completes the picture with everything else needed to implement the Smart Grid. It has sense wires that connect to the main grid connections and either 100 amp or 250 amp split core current transformers that clip on to the main grid wires coming into the building. It also has six 30 amp relays that can be connected to some of the larger loads so that they can be controlled by the intelligence of the system and provide demand response, load sharing and automated reduction in power use when the system senses that no one is in the building. It has 4 connections for grid voltage and current measurement and so it can handle 3ф or 2ф and a generator or some of these lines can be used to monitor large loads. Full oscilloscope monitoring is provided for all phases of the grid as well as for all 6 relays for both voltage and current. Also, 32 channels of data-logging are provided at samples rates from 1/sec to 16/min. The current sensors for the relays can sense DC or AC and can detect unbalanced DC offsets in the current. The T13X ties into the same data stream and communications for the remote panel and the HT2000 power modules. This opens many new doors to applications like sensing power factor, detecting when refrigerant has leaked from a refrigeration of air-conditioning system or detecting the level of water and the amount of water consumed for a well. It, of course, includes all features of any AMI system.

The needs for the Smart Grid are time critical. Every element in this system is developed and in production to implement these systems today. The example below can automatically stagger the large loads so that a 100 amp service could be reduced to a 50 amp service with no real perceivable difference to the user and would cut the cost of the electrical infrastructure in half. For more detail see HT13Xwhite3.pdf.

T13X AMI and Load Control
Line1 - Line4 Maximum Voltage140 volts AC
Line1 - Line4 Current Transformers100 or 250 amp AC
Line1 - Line4 Data Accuracy±.024 volts rms ±.012 amps rms ±1.2 watts
6 Load Control Relays30 amps AC or DC
Relay Current Sensing30 amps AC or DC ±.004 amps rms ±.4 watts
Pump Sensing Data Accuracy±.6 psi ±1.35 feet ±.11 gpm
Dimensions (L X W X H)11.4" X 9.0" X 2.4"
Weight3.14 lb

Heart Transverter Products.
U.S. Patent #6,344,985, European Patent #1 340 312 and other patents pending.

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