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HT2000 Power Module For more information contact: sales@transverter.com
Universal Power Converter, Controller and Data Acquisition Unit

The HT2000 power module is a Universal Power Interface that, by using intense amounts of logic, can bi-directionally transfer power between any combination of its four connections.  Each power module has two DC connections and two AC connections.  Each DC terminal can connect to anything from 10-50 volts to things like batteries of any chemistry, solar panels, fuel cells, DC wind generators, alternators, etc.  The AC connections are for AC loads, the Grid and generators.  The power modules are 2 kW and as many as 12 can be connected together for up to 24 kW.  They have tremendous logic resources and create mathematical models of everything connected to them.  The Transverter system includes a remote panel, which reports the condition of everything connected to the system and allows the user to control how power is managed.  The remote panel has a USB interface allowing for connection to any computer for updates, custom configurations and in-depth live analysis of everything connected to it.   The Transverter can simultaneously be any combination of inverter, grid-tie inverter, UPS, charge controller, DC-DC converter, programmable power supply or load bank, etc.

The real power is that the Transverter is one integrated system simultaneously controlling and exchanging power and information between all of these applications.  The remote panel contains all of the functionality of accessories like battery monitors, communication interfaces, charge controllers, etc.

Model HT2000  Power Module
AC Output Voltage 117 VAC ± .2 user adjustable 
AC Output Frequency 60 Hz or 50 Hz 50 ppm
Maximum Continuous AC Output Power 2,000 watts
Maximum Continusous AC Output Current 17 amps
AC Input Frequency Range 59.3 Hz - 60.5 Hz or 48 Hz - 52 Hz user adjustable
AC Input Voltage Range 100 - 127 volts user adjustable
Maximum Continuous AC Input Power 3,600 watts
Maximum Continusous AC Input Current 30 amps
No Load Power  Draw 8 watts
No Load Power  Draw (NLD turned off) 16 watts
Output Voltage at No Load Full 117 VAC no delay
Grid Tie Current Power Factor (in or out) 0.97
Peak Efficiency 93%
CEC & EUR Efficiency 90%
DC Voltages 10- 50 volts
Maximum Nominal Battery Voltage 42 volts
Maximum Open Circuit Photovoltaic Voltage 50 volts
Maximum Power Through Either DC Terminal ± 2,000 watts
Maximum # of Power Modules Per System 8 for 16 kW
AC to DC Isolation Fully isolated
DC Connectors 8 mm studs
AC Connectors Terminal block 10-8 AWG
Warranty 30 months
Cooling Internal Fan temperature controlled, 32 speed
Operating Temperature Range -60 °C - 43 °C
Enclosure Powder coated Aluminum
Dimensions (H X L X W ) 8.2" X 18.75" X 11.8"
Box Size (H X L X W ) 11.0" X 14.5" X 21.0"
Box Weight 33.28 lb (15.1 kg)
Units Per Pallet (48" X 40") 24 units (3 layers of boxes)
Full Pallet Weight (Including pallet weight) 845 lb (383.2 kg)

CERTIFIED TO CSA C22.2 No. 107.1

Get dimensional drawings: HT2000.pdf and
 HT2000 Additional Dimensions.pdf.

Get pdf spec sheet: Heart Transverter Spec V3.pdf.
HTREM Remote Panel
Remote Panel, User Interface, USB  and Data Acquisition Unit
The HTREM remote panel gives all of the critical information at a glance on its four lines of display.  It has adjustable back lighting and four tri-color led's that indicate major conditions and issues.  It also has an audible alarm.  Its waterproof sealed membrane panel has buttons for simple user interface.  The HTREM panel is required to operate both the HT2000 power modules and the T13X amart load controller & power analyzer.

It also has a USB connection on both the front and back.  Permanent installations use the back USB connector and when a technician connects to the front USB connector it dissables the back USB and communicates only to the front USB.  

HTREM Remote Panel
Display 4 rows of 20 characters, backlit
Communications USB 2.0 front and back
LED's 4 3 color led's
Sound Pizo Electric Beeper
User Input Membrane Switch
Dimensions (H X W X D ) 4.9" X 5.75" X 1.5"


See the system working (flash)

Get Dimmensional drawings: ZR4.pdf.

Get pdf spec sheet: HTREMspecs.pdf.

T13X Smart Grid Panel
Smart Load Controller and Power Analyzer

The T13X completes the picture with everything else needed to implement the Smart Grid.  It has sense wires that connect to the main grid connections and either 100 amp or 250 amp split core current transformers that clip on to the main grid wires coming into the building.  It also has six 30 amp relays that can be connected to some of the larger loads so that they can be controlled by the intelligence of the system and provide demand response, load sharing and automated reduction in power use when the system senses that no one is in the building.  It has 4 connections for grid voltage and current measurement and so it can handle 3ф or 2ф and a generator or some of these lines can be used to monitor large loads.  Full oscilloscope monitoring is provided for all phases of the grid as well as for all 6 relays for both voltage and current.  Also, 32 channels of data-logging are provided at samples rates from 1/sec to 16/min.  The current sensors for the relays can sense DC or AC and can detect unbalanced DC offsets in the current.  The T13X ties into the same data stream and communications for the remote panel and the HT2000 power modules.  This opens many new doors to applications like sensing power factor, detecting when refrigerant has leaked from a refrigeration of air-conditioning system or detecting the level of water and the amount of water consumed for a well.  It, of course, includes all features of any AMI system.

The needs for the Smart Grid are time critical.  Every element in this system is developed and in production to implement these systems today.  The example below can automatically stagger the large loads so that a 100 amp service could be reduced to a 50 amp service with no real perceivable difference to the user and would cut the cost of the electrical infrastructure in half.  For more detail see HT13Xwhite3.pdf.

T13X AMI and Load Control
Line1 - Line4 Maximum Voltage 140 volts AC
Line1 - Line4 Current Transformers 100 or 250 amp AC
Line1 - Line4 Data Accuracy  ±.024 volts rms   ±.012 amps rms  ±1.2 watts
6 Load Control Relays 30 amps AC or DC
Relay Current Sensing 30 amps AC or DC ±.004 amps rms  ±.4 watts
Pump Sensing Data Accuracy ±.6 psi   ±1.35 feet   ±.11 gpm
Dimensions (L X W X H) 11.4" X 9.0" X 2.4"
Weight 3.14 lb
For more information contact: sales@transverter.com