HTREM Remote Panel

Remote Panel, User Interface, USB and Data Acquisition Unit

The HTREM remote panel gives all of the critical information at a glance on its four lines of display. It has adjustable back lighting and four tri-color led's that indicate major conditions and issues. It also has an audible alarm. Its waterproof sealed membrane panel has buttons for simple user interface. The HTREM panel is required to operate both the HT2000 power modules and the T13X amart load controller & power analyzer.

It also has a USB connection on both the front and back. Permanent installations use the back USB connector and when a technician connects to the front USB connector it dissables the back USB and communicates only to the front USB. .

HTREM Remote Panel
Display4 rows of 20 characters, backlit
CommunicationsUSB 2.0 front and back
LED's4 3 color led's
SoundPizo Electric Beeper
User InputMembrane Switch
Dimensions (H X W X D )4.9" X 5.75" X 1.5"

See the system working (flash).

Get Dimmensional drawings: ZR4.pdf.

Get pdf spec sheet: HTREMspecs.pdf.

Heart Transverter Products.
U.S. Patent #6,344,985, European Patent #1 340 312 and other patents pending.

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